Friday, March 01, 2013

1 Week with Rebecca


Today you are one week old.  It's been a pretty good week, thanks to all the good help from Ahna.  You still don't have much of a routine yet, we've had a couple of nights where you've had a good 3.5 to 4 hour stretch and only eat about 3 times between midnight and morning.  Then there have been a few nights where you are eating every hour and a half.  On average you have been more alert in the evening, and sleeping your longer stretches early in the morning.  I think your internal clock is off about 5 hours, since you seem to sleep better from 3 on to 7, and then another longer stretch from 7:30 on to 11.  You have slept alot with me or Ahna holding you.  We've had mixed success on getting you to sleep in the cradle at night, but that will come eventually.  You do seem to prefer to sleep on your side, and unlike your brother and sister, you seem to like being swaddled.  Britt never liked to be swaddled, and Ruth was only liked it as long as she could get her hands up and into her mouth.  You seem to like the whole tight burrito thing, especially when it's up around your face.  Even though you aren't sleeping when your Daddy wants you to, you are eating well.  At your check up yesterday you weighed in at 8 lbs, 7 oz.  We are suppose to come by next week or week after for a weight check, to be sure that you hit birth weight, but we don't have another regular appointment until we both go back when you are a month old.  You also passed your hearing test yesterday.

Your siblings are excited that you have finally arrived.  Britt asks daily if you "can talk, now?"  He has started your lessons on which dinosaur is which, and he is eager to show you how his leap pad works.  He wants to share his juice and food with you.  He asks to hold you, but fusses at you when you cry.  He sounds like Unca Benji complaining about your crying.  He tries to sing to you when you are sad, and you seem to enjoy it.  Ruth doesn't want to hold you, she says you are too heavy.  However, she does like to hold your hand, and help by bringing us new diapers, and throwing away the dirty ones.  She's very proud to be a big helper. She says that she is going to teach you to dance.

I sure do love to cuddle with you, while we are resting.  Daddy and I are all so thankful that you are here and healthy. You were a great surprise, little girl.

We love you,

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