Friday, March 15, 2013

Rebecca's First Bath

Today, she is 3 weeks old.  We took Rebecca to her weight check on Tuesday.  She's up to 8 lbs, 14.5 oz now.  Her cord fell off while Gary was gone for his interviews, so Sunday morning before Church she got her first real bath.  Gary has given all the kids their first bath.  In fact, as much as possible I let him handle bath time.  It's one of those almost nightly chores that I don't really care to do.  Before they can sit up, it's a pain to keep the suds out of their eyes, and keeping them from falling over in the tub.  Then when they are big enough, you still can't keep the suds out of their eyes, and they making a huge mess.  Then when they are actually the size of the other two you STILL can't keep the suds out of their eyes, and they make an even bigger mess.  Not to mention after 4 years of nightly bath time, your back is absolutely killing you.

Anyway, Rebecca got her first bath on Sunday, and she did really well, other than the initial shock of being put in water and Gary using my entire water pitcher to pour water over her hair she was quiet.  I don't know that she liked it, but she didn't seem to dislike it.  Memaw gave her another bath on Wednesday, and she didn't fuss at all.  Maybe she does like it.  In fact, it's unbelievable to me, just how quiet she is when she is awake.  Maybe it's just because Britt and Ruth are SO loud right now, but I swear she's alot quieter than the other two were.  When she's awake and alert, for the most part she just looks around so quietly.  Unless she's hungry, then she can get loud and mad fast.

Of course after bath time, Gary has to "style" her hair.  Rebecca's hair is alot like Britt's, she has two cowlicks up front, like he does, and it overlaps in the middle likes his does, so it sort of stands up on it's own.  Of course, just like Gary use to help Britt's mohawk out, he helps Rebecca's stand up on end too.

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