Monday, October 01, 2012

What's in a name?

Nothing much right now.  Gary doesn't want to help me pick out a name until he sees what the sex is, and I don't want him to open it up (at all) but at least not till he helps me pick out names (and then only if he can keep a secret, which I doubt).  Mother has graciously agreed to take one for the team.  She says if we will just mail her the sealed envelope she can remove temptation from us and start her baby shopping. hahaha.

In addition, to all the usual request for have the baby on my birthday.  (We have 9 different days now, plus Daddy has told me to just hold it in, till his birthday... April 2nd.)  We are also getting naming suggestions this time around.  I like Anne as a middle name, but Mom informed me that her middle name doesn't have the e, so we can't spell it like that.  Bro. David has requested David for a boy or Davina for a girl.  Sis. Sharon has promised me a great big cake if I name a girl Sharon or Sharizibel (my choice).

I enjoy picking names, I don't enjoy the lack of name picking help I get from Gary, but he thinks part of his job description is to make life difficult, and veto all the good names (like Zoey and Felicity for girls, and Brennan and Landon for boys).  I always have more trouble with boy names, I like so many of them.  I have narrowed a list of 20 names down to William, Michael, Nathanael, Samuel, Ethan, Shaun and Ryan.  Some of those I've even narrowed middle names down.  The girls list has only been gutted of 4 names (all by Gary I might add) leaving Rebecca, Katherine, Bethany, Miriam, Caitlin, Laura Grace, and Raleigh.  I'm a little funny about names, I want a biblical name, and a name with meaning, in addition to it just sounding good.  I guess we'll be at this part awhile longer.


Rachel said...

How about Annie Oakley? Would go great with Huckleberry Britt!

lydia said...

I approve of all those names, because none of them are on our list. :)