Monday, October 08, 2012

Potty Training (aka Excuse me While I Scream in the Background)

I posted this to facebook earlier, but I know I have a few Mom friends that aren't on facebook. I need some suggestions, Britt has never been completely potty trained. We were making better progress he would tell us that he needed to go when we were out, and if he wasn't too focused on playing at home. Now, unless I tell him to go, drag him in there, and spank him when he tries to run out of the room, he won't use the bathroom. He is going through several pairs of underwear a day, I don't want to go back to pull-ups but I'm SICK of washing all of his underwear and pants every other day.

We had some success with a sticker chart. We were up to giving him one a day for every day he stayed dry, but now he acts like he doesn't care. I've tried taking stuff (toys, privileges) away for wetting his pants. I've tried rewarding him for using the bathroom with cookies/marshmallows/M&M's.  He always has to clean himself and the floor up, but he just doesn't seem to care.

I'm frustrated and out of ideas.  He be 4 in January and we've been working on this over a year.  I think it's utterly ridiculous that he's still not potty trained.

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