Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween.  I'm so excited.  Britt has been counting down the days, but not me.  I've just been asking every day "Now Halloween?  Wear Wonder Woman Dress?"  Momma finally told us last night that today was the day.  So, we got up when Daddy got up at 6:15 this morning, and were very unhappy to discover that he was not going to take us trick or treating till tonight.  Momma was unhappy too, because we wouldn't go back to bed.
Monday was the Callithumpian Parade.  It was exciting.  I danced every time the police cars with their sirens went by, and the fire trucks with their sirens, and the bands who played music, and the drummers with their drums, and even the cars with loud radios.  There were floats with dogs on them, and floats with Ghost, and floats with dancers.  I danced with them too.  There were people giving away candy, and beads, and candy, and pens, and the boys and girls club even gave away  a book.  I don't know why they gave us a Christmas book at a Halloween parade, but Momma seemed to think it was a very nice book.
It lasted for an hour and a half.  By the end, we were all very cold.  So we came home and had a hot bath and some hot chocolate milk.  We had a good time.  Now I'm ready for tonight for Halloween.  Momma is going to fix us some supper, and then when Daddy gets home we are going to go!  Momma is going to stay home and hand out candy, and Daddy is going to take us around the neighborhood, and maybe other places too.  He said we can use the wagon and go until we get too cold!

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