Monday, October 29, 2012

24 Weeks with Baby #3

It dawned on me today that I don't think I've "documented" some of the fun peculiarities of this baby yet.  So here goes...
Food Cravings:

  • The two big ones, for this entire pregnancy have been Mexican food and Raw Onions (Seriously, I'm eating a huge slice on a sandwich at lunch most everyday.  Right before the big move, I caught myself contemplating eating an onion like you would an apple.  Weird, I don't even care that much for onions unless they are cooked.)
  • Also I want Salmon, Salads, and Chick-fil-a from time to time. (Chick-fil-a is really inconvenient since the closest one is clear to the other side of Fort Wayne)

Food Aversions:

  • Pasta
  • Almost everything green but salads and broccoli
Highlights of this pregnancy:

  • Torturing my sister in laws with not revealing baby's gender.  If I had known I could have this much fun at their expense, I would have done this sooner.
  • Listening to Britt's conversations with the baby about everything from "all the good superheroes" and who is who, to "stop hurting Momma's belly right now, because we need to go outside and play."
  • Watching the ultrasound, and of course watching the kids watch the ultrasound.
  • Practically no morning sickness!

Complaints this pregnancy:

  • I am still throwing up a couple of times a week.  However, it's generally just one episode and it stops, and the rest of the day is just fine.  More and more it seems to be triggered by smells than constant nausea.
  • Really intense pelvic and cervix pain.  After talking to the doctor we are wondering if I'm having symphysis pubic dysfunction.  That is where the ligaments and everything gets too relaxed too quickly (usually due to higher hormone levels than usual).  It's mostly annoying, nothing serious, but seeing a chiropractor should help that.
  • Sleeping is getting more elusive, though alot of that has to do with the pelvic pain, so hopefully that will improve too after seeing the chiropractor.
  • And the biggest pregnancy complaint of all, Gary is still not helping with the baby name process.  He's gone back and added names to the list that we took off, and is all "whatever" about some of the names we *I* thought we had narrowed it down to.

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