Monday, October 08, 2012

21 Weeks with Baby #3

We just made it back from the doctors office for our check up for the baby.  There has been lots of movement over the last few weeks, and we heard a strong, fast heart beat today.  We didn't actually get a number because the kids were rattling on at a mile a minute asking the doctor questions about what does this do, and what does that do, and what is that called, and what are you going to do to my momma.  You get the picture.

Last go round my thyroid numbers came back much better than they've ever been, even not pregnant.  They were shocked because it should be even lower than usual.  They want me to run another set of lab work now that it's been another month, and they are going to run a second test to see if all the medicine is actually out of my system.  Then they'll decide what to do.

We talked a little about my general birth plan.  She said that she thinks everything sounds good, but she would like to plan to induce at 42 weeks if the baby hasn't come by then.  It was nice to hear that I can have the full time, and not start hearing about inducing 2 weeks early due to a massive baby.  That would mean depending on which set of due dates we use that we would induce on the Feb 22 or March 1st.

I'm still hoping for a boy, I think we've settled on the name William David again for a boy.  We plan to call him Will.  But, I think we are having a girl.  Which is a problem since we still don't have the name list narrowed down at all.  Infact counting middle names we have a grand total of 21 name combinations.  Gary still wants to cheat and look at the paper, but I told him if he did he wouldn't be able to tell anyone, because I want a surprise.  No co-workers, no family members, no church members.  He doesn't think that would be a problem.  I know what the problem would be though.  He'll start referring to the baby as a he all the time, and quit helping me pick out girl names, and then it would be obvious what we are having.  So for the time being it's still sealed up in an envelope and skillfully hidden. haha

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