Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I've been collecting some Brittisms for a little while now, and I thought I would share them.

Britt was picking the sesame seeds off the hamburger bun the other day.
Momma:  Don't pick those off.  They are part of what makes the bread good.
Britt:  It's a bun not bread Momma.  What are they?
Momma:  Buns are a kind of bread.  They are sesame seeds.
Britt:  Oh like Sesame Street.
Daddy: Yes, like Sesame Street.  Do you taste Big Bird?
Britt:  Yep, it's good!
Daddy:  What about Oscar?
Britt:  No, silly Daddy!  He lives in a garbage can, we don't eat garbage.
After a run to the grocery store last week.  I was adding the bananas to our bowl of fruit on the table.
Britt:  Bananas can't go in that bowl.  It's for fruit.
Momma:  Bananas are a fruit.
Britt:  Oh they are?
Momma:  Yes.
Britt:  Oh so they are with their family, now.
We were eating Mexican for supper one night.
Momma:  Son, you really need to eat some vegetables too, not just the rice.
Britt:  I am.  I'm eating salsa!  It has tomatoes and onions and good stuff in it.
Britt was complaining because Gary got out of the car to get a redbox movie one night.  So I attempted to distract him with a conversation.
Momma:  Hey Britt, did you say you wanted some ice cream for dessert when we get home?
Britt:  Yep, but I want out now.
Momma:  Where do you think Daddy went?
Britt:  In that store?
Momma:  Which one?
Britt:  That one!
Momma:  What do you think he's going to get?
Britt.  Momma, (sigh) I don't have ALL the answers!
Tucking Britt and Ruth into bed one night.
Momma:  Here's Moo Cow.
Britt:  His whole name is Moo-y Cow.
Momma:  Mooy Cow?
Britt:  Yes, like Daddy's whole name is Daddy Gary B. Cunningham.  Moo Cow's whole name is Moo E. Cow.

Yesterday after Britt ate a lunch of ham, Cheetos, a left over cinnamon roll, a cup of juice, and a banana.  After all of this I found him sitting behind my chair eatting out of my bag of chips for my lunch.
Momma:  What are you doing with my chips?
Britt:  I need to eat some more to fill up my big body.
Momma:  What?!?
Britt:  I'm still hungry.  I need to eat to fill up my big body.

I have no idea where the boy gets these things from.


Rachel said...

he must be a cunningham ha ha ;-)

lydia said...

Too cute! He's a mess!