Monday, October 22, 2012

23 Weeks with Baby #3

We are up to 23 weeks now, and I am almost as big as I was with the last two.  I'm a little concerned how much of a belly I will have by the time this one gets here.  I've already had the belly button "pop out" and I can't see much around it.  I've been measuring a little bit ahead.  Mother keeps throwing the word twins around, and Gary can't even stand the thought. haha.  Despite my belly size, I'm only up 4 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.  I'll confess, I'm thrilled even though I should have gained more.  I had gotten off all the weight from Ruth, but I still haven't gotten off the last 15 lbs from Britt.

This one isn't as busy as the other two were, but it's still early.  I feel her more in the evening, and she goes crazy after I drink juice (but not Dr. Pepper I'll add).  Sometimes I do think she's doing jumping jacks in there, since out of nowhere I will feel baby EVERYWHERE.  The other night Gary made some Spiced Apple Cider (which is almost all straight fruit juice.  This child went CRAZY.  For the most part this one likes to hang out really low.  I have almost always have pressure with this one that I didn't have till much, much later with the others.  I told Gary the other night, that sometimes standing and walking feel like I'm squeezing a bowling ball between my thighs and trying not to drop it on my feet.  It's a workout sometimes just to stand.  :)

We are still working on a girl name.  If we ever get one, I'll let Gary look at the paper, if he still wants too.  I think we have narrowed it down to Katherine or Rebecca.  I prefer Rebecca because Gary and I can't agree on what we would call a Katherine.  We are no closer on a middle name though.  I like Rebecca Raleigh, he prefers Rebecca Joy (though we still have a gazillion other maybes that he likes).  I like Hannah Katherine or Katherine Faith, and he like Katherine Hope or Abigail Katherine.  See the trend of undecisiveness here?  Furthermore, he is debating whether we should just keep going with the pattern of using a middle name, and last night he mentioned that have a girl with a three syllable name will be odd after having two with one.  He is no help at all.  :)  As much as I want another boy, I'm feeling like this one is another girl.  All the more reason to come up with a name.


Megan said...

I always liked the short form Katie.

lydia said...

For what it's worth, I like the flow of Britt, Ruth,and Rebecca better than Katherine. Katherine has always been on my list, but got nixed.

Dani said...

Here's the thing Gary likes Katie which I really don't. I kinda like Kate, which he really doesn't. I LOVE Katherine, which he thinks is way too long of a name.

He also likes Becky (which I hate) and Becca (which I can probably live with) better than Rebecca.

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I think you look great for 23 weeks! Besides don't worry about the scale...I was the biggest with Sophie but gained the least amount of weight and was back down to pre-pregnancy weight a week after she was born...but like you I still have/had some baby weight from the previous ones! :)