Monday, November 07, 2011

West Palm Beach

A couple of weeks ago, Gary had an interview at a business in Boyton Beach, which is next to West Palm Beach. Just the Sunday evening before we had been talking about the Gold Coast as it is called, and I have never been that far south, so I asked Gary to ride along.
After his interview we drove around. The place was amazing! Gary has always told me that you have to have money to live over there. Alot of folks have had the land for many generations, and as it is the oldest settled area of North America, it has some very old families with alot of money. They have tons of enormous old oaks and towering palm trees, the landscaping was unbelievable. Everything, everywhere we looked as if it had just been trimmed. There were clean lines, elaborate shapes, circle trees, hedges that grew into arches over drive ways. It was all a little unreal. We even saw some trees around a golf course that had to be at least 40 foot tall according to Gary that they had trimmed to look like massive box hedges.
Oh and the houses, wow, I didn't think to take any pictures until we got to the area of town, where you almost couldn't see them except in little glimpses through the landscaping, but I have never seen anything like them in my life. Each one was spralling, they looked like 20 bedroom houses, most had at least 3 floors, and different wings to them. We saw one that had 3 mother-in-law suites, except each of the little outlying homes where twice the size of our house. It was unreal. Each house had such amazing architecture and each one was so very different from their neighbors not cookie cutter at all. Some had Spanish tile roofs, others had your typical shingles, and still others had a different sort of tiling on the roofs. Some looked like classical Georgian homes, others looked like something from an ancient Spanish country estate, there were some
that looked straight out of the Italian Renaissance. The truly amazing part though was the attention to detail in each home. The carving on the eves, the detailed columns, the glass in the
windows. It was something alright. I've seen lots of nice homes, and I've even seen some beautiful historical houses that have been restored, but I've never seen anything like these.
After driving around an hour or so looking at the houses, we found a place where we could walk out on the beach a little ways. The sand was dark, and not as powder fine as what we've seen on the Gulf side, but pretty none the less. As always Gary found me a few pretty shells to put in our vase at home. He always picks me out a few shells each trip we take to the beach. It was incredible windy and the surf was pretty high, but it was nice.
We took a few back roads back to Fl-60 and enjoyed the drive. It was such a nice day to spend together. We don't get many trips without the kids, and it was nice to be able to ride together and talk and just sit together and enjoy the almost magically sound of silence.

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