Monday, November 14, 2011

15 Months with Ruth


Today you are 15 months old. Just two weeks ago we had your one year appointment so late it could have been your 15 month appointment. Your daddy couldn't remember the exact measurements, but you are weighing in now at a little over 23 pounds, and you are a short little thing at about 27 inches. You mastered walking in about 2 weeks, and have the funniest little sash-shay. I don't know if it's a girl thing, or just your particular way of walking, but it's adorable. You don't run persay, but you sometimes do pick up speed and have this funny run/skip thing you do. You are still very cautious, you quickly learned to climb backwards down steps, and off the couch or chair that I'm holding you in. You have mastered climbing on to the hearth, where you then stand and walk along it, dancing, and showing off.

You have several words, and seem to understand anything I say to you and ask about. You still say mama, dadada, and baba (for Britt), but you know also say "cup", "biiiiii-biiiiiiiii" (dragging out the ending for bye bye), hey-o (for hello), and ni-ni, (for night-night). You also have several signs that you consistently make for other items. You hold your hands out and open and close them if you want me to come and pick you up, you rub your cheek when you want your satin monkey (that you have developed a huge attachment for), you put the flat of your hand to your mouth to blow kisses and your fingers to your mouth when you are hungry, you wave outward now, and rub your hair when you want a bath. You will go and get your blanket and bring it to me, when you are ready for a nap, or bedtime. You chatter constantly and are very animated, you probably have more words, but Daddy and I often have trouble understanding you due to the high pitch of your little voice.

You more and more show a little temper, but I don't have to spank you very often. We've started having to take you out and spank you during church some, but you never need more than two little pops, and you settle right down. You are typically happy and eager to please. You always cry for Britt when he is taken out of Church. When he comes back in you lean over and pat his shoulder and pet his hair. You are a comforter at heart. I am continually amazed at your big heart and sweet spirit. When we fuss at you, discipline you, or don't let you have something you want you almost never get mad, but you cry like we've broken your little heart.

You are growing so fast, and it has been so much fun to look at different pictures of you. Your first Halloween to this Halloween, your first trip to the beach and your last, watching as you grow and change from picture to picture reminds me just how quickly time passes. Momma and Daddy love you so very much little miss.


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