Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Last Monday, we was Halloween, and after the unfun things like doctor's appointments. We got to go to a pumpkin patch and then trick or treating. Since Momma was sick the whole week before we never went and got a pumpkin this year. However, Momma wanted some pumpkin patch pictures, so we did that before we got all dressed up in our costumes. Britt really liked all the pumpkins. I didn't care for them. Daddy kept trying to get me to hold a little one, but I kept shaking my head and saying "No, tak to" (no, thank you). Britt's favorite part was probably all the scarecrows sitting around holding baskets. He kept carrying all these little pumpkins and putting them in the baskets. I tried to tell him he didn't have to and that the scarecrows weren't real, so it didn't matter, but he didn't listen to me. He never listens to me.
After the pumpkin patch, we got all dressed up in our costumes. Britt was Woody from Toy Story. He wore his Woody pjs and his boots. Momma pulled out a bandana for him to wear and Mister found him a hat that was way too big. Britt seemed really happy with his outfit. I got to be a fairy, but everyone kept thinking I was a butterfly. I don't know why? I mean I had a dress on. We went to see Grandmaw Bea, Memaw and Mister, Uncle Charles and Aunt Yvone, Granddaddy Garland, Aunt June and Uncle Jerry, and finally Aunt Joanna and Uncle Quintin. We had a good time playing at everyone's house. Aunt Joan and Lilli went with us.
I don't think Britt has all of the brain cells that he should have. I mean, I figured out at the first stop what to do. Smile, they hold out candy, I grab as much as possible, say "tak to", and then I try to open and eat it all. Daddy carried this nifty little bag around all night for me to drop my candy in. After I figured out that I would need some help to get the candy out I stashed it all in there, and made him carry it. Britt on the other hand wouldn't say "Trick or Treat" like Lilli, he said, "Pumpkins!" everytime someone openned the door, and then he would yell for Momma and refuse to get any candy. See what I mean? Anyone who doesn't grab as much candy as they can before Daddy steps in to get you out of the bowl is insane!
The only thing I don't understand about this whole process is what happened to all that candy I netted? I've looked all over this house for it since then, and I haven't eaten very much of it, but I can't find it anywhere. Something tells me that Daddy is to blame.

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