Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleepless in Gainesville

Sleep has been hard to come by lately in our house. With a toddler and an infant I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. We've slowly been getting adjusted back to normal after the lengthy trips home to see both families. Ruth is finally back to sleeping through the night, however, she is currently not going to sleep until 2 am, so we've got to work on that. Some night she still ends up sleeping with us or in the swing, but we are trying each night to put her down in her bed, and I would say she's sleeping in it about half of the time. She's like Britt in that she wants to sleep either in the corner or up against some kind of stuffed animal. She's improving in her sleeping.Britt on the other hand has gotten worse, and worse about sleeping. Even before we moved, and before he moved into a toddler bed he was waking some in the middle of the night with nightmares. Now however, they have progressed to a nightly ordeal. He throws a fit when we put him to bed, because he's scared of sleeping now. He wakes up usually twice once between midnight and 2 and again between 4 and 6. I think he may be having night terrors, because when we go into his room, he's frantic and throwing himself around, but he's not awake. Gary usually has good luck with waking him up, calming him down, and getting him back to bed the first time. However, we've had no such luck the second time. Britt will scream for well over an hour if we don't go in there, and if you go in to calm him down, and then leave he starts all over again. As a result he has spent the last part of the night for a week now in the bed with us.
This really means from about 4 o'clock onward no one gets any sleep. Britt's horrible. He starts out between us on my pillow then he lays on Gary and then he lays on our feet and then he lays across us and kicks me in the head. Then he gets up between 6 and 7 and wants to run around our room and play. We woke up this morning to him saying "I cook, I cook" as he stirred my cup of water with a ruler. 2 hours of sleep a night just doesn't cut it, and we want our bed back. We've debated finding another crib and moving him back into a crib, or just letting him scream until he passes back out. We tried adding a night light, and took it away again because he only seemed to wake up more. We just at a loss with the little man. There is one thing I'm convinced of though, and it's that these sleepless nights have alot to do with the little fella's cranky attitude all day long.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

That last pic cracked me up (though, I am not laughing at your post- cause I KNOW that is not a fun situation) but the pic itself is quite humorous! I'll bt praying for you guys... just remember "this too shall pass" :/