Monday, January 03, 2011

A Good Wooling

(above: Granddaddy wooling Ruth 4 1/2 months old, 12-24-2010 her first Christmas Eve)
(below: Granddaddy wooling me at 10/1 months old, 3-30-1986 my first Easter)
I can remember Granddaddy getting down in the floor with me and later on the boys and Maghen and wooling us. I have no idea what that word is suppose to mean, but he would get down on his knees with us laying in the floor and "wrassle" us a little and "wool" us real good. We use to love it, and get so tickled. We would always wanted more. In Granddaddy's words "It was just a good way to love on you without you knowing what I was doing." Granddaddy has never really been one to say "I love you" to us out loud, but he has always been there supporting us in his own way, and loving on us grandkids.

Granddaddy wools Britt from time to time, but he would rather run and play keep away right now, so Christmas Eve was the first time that Ruth was big enough to get down in the floor and wool. She just grinned, kicked, and babbled at Granddaddy. It just makes me so happy to be able to see him with Ruth and remember back to when we use to do the small sorts of things when I was small whether that's being wooled, or sitting with him in his chair and watching westerns.
(above: Granddaddy and Danielle 9 1/2 months old, 3-7-1986. She has her first scratch on her head from falling 2 days before while trying to walk.)
(below: Granddaddy and Ruth 1 month old, 9-16-2010.)

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