Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Months with Ruth


Today you are five months old. You are getting stronger each day. You very often lean forward off the pillows that I use to prop you up and sit for longer periods on your own. Your biggest problem is that you see Britt or someone starts talking to you and you get super excited and in your wiggly excitement you fall over every which-a-way. You have started putting weight on your legs now and trying to stand up as well.

Perhaps the biggest surprise this month has been two little teeth coming in. While we were in Alabama you wanted to nurse all the time, and a few days after arriving back in Florida I finally saw why the excessive nursing made me so sore - two bottom teeth are peeking through your gums. Way too early in my opinion, but coming in nonetheless. I first saw them on Wed 12-29, but they are still playing peek-a-boo with us, some days we see them and I feel them and other days not so much.

You were sleeping through the night each night until we went to Alabama, and now you are waking up at least once each night again. We've had some luck moving you into the crib in your's and Britt's room in the last two weeks. The first night the two of you woke up the other one several times, but since then you have slept through his nightmares and crying, and he has slept through your feedings and crying. I try to remember that you won't be little and cuddly like this for long, but I really want you to sleep somewhere other than mine and Daddy's bed.

You are as talkative as ever, and even more rotten than before we left. Since you were held non stop for nearly 2 weeks, you haven't understood why that hasn't continued since we got back. It makes it hard to get stuff done when I just sit and hold you a chunk of the day, but oh you are so sweet and cuddly. Daddy and I love you so very much little miss.


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