Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prayer Request

Hailey Gowens is doing really well. She is learning to eat more on her own and not rely on the g-tube that she has been using almost since birth. She is growing stronger, and is full of energy and spunk.

Nate Ferrel is doing really well. He had a rough patch right before Christmas while they were all in Kentucky visiting the family. They are currently trying to get insurance to get him some smaller refillable tanks so that he can carry them around with him.

Gary has had three positives this week on the job front. On Monday he had a call from Coca-Cola for a position in Apopka, FL as a shipping-receiving clerk in their Diet Coke warehouse. They did a screening interview and may call back for a more detailed interview. On Tuesday, he had his third phone interview with a company based out of Raleigh, NC. They are a company where he could work with the farmer to set up new accounts selling chemicals and fertilizers. It went really well, and they had him take an online test, and we hope to hear back from them. On Friday, he was suppose to have a phone interview for a position with a company based out of Denver, CO as a Produce Buyer. This is a company that was at the produce conference, Gary attended back in October, that has become interested in him. He would be going to various farmers/coolers/etc and determining good quality crops that should be brought on with the company to then be sold at the supermarket. However, they didn't call. Gary called and left a message, perhaps something came up and we'll be hearing from them next week. Please continue to pray for us, that some of these contacts through school will turn into a job soon.

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