Monday, October 25, 2010

Visit from Sara and Lydia

Sara and Lydia came to visit us over the weekend. I spent Friday cleaning up the house and getting ready for them, while Britt demolished, I mean played in his room. I told him after his nap that there would be a surprise downstairs that someone was coming to see him. Well, I guess I should have told the little man that, because every few minutes he kept getting up coming to me and asking "down?" which is what he says when he is ready to go downstairs in the morning. By the time it was 3:30 he still hadn't taken a nap, so I gave up. When he got down stairs he was so excited to find Sara and Lydia here. Oh boy, did he grin and laugh and flirt. He was nothing but trouble. All weekend he wanted Lydia to read to him and play blocks with him and he brought her every leaf and stick he could find. He spent all weekend calling her "Lee-Lee." He cried when she left and called and looked for her this morning.
Britt wasn't the only one who had a good time. I especially enjoyed seeing Sara and trying to catch up with all of the news from Little Union. We stayed up way too late on Friday playing dominoes (which worked out fine since Ruth thought going to bed before 4 was a bad idea). Then on Saturday after we picked out a pumpkin the girls helped me decorate for Halloween. Sara did all the cool spider webs and such, while I carved the pumpkin, and Lydia cooked yummy pumpkin seeds. It was nice to be able to have some girl talk. We hope they come back to see us really soon.

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