Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prayer Request

It's way past time for a new update on the prayer request list, so I'm here today to provide it. :)

Granna has had another set back. She initially broke her shoulder about a month and a half ago. She was moved over to a rehab center in order to help with the healing. When they went back two weeks later to see the specialist, it was determined that she was going to need surgery because it wasn't healing properly on its on. They did surgery and sent her back to the rehab center where she has been going through therapy. Just two days ago during therapy the shoulder dislocated and she is back up at Plant City hospital. She may need to undergo surgery again, as it doesn't appear to be healing correctly. **1:30 update - Granna saw the surgeon this morning and they were able to reset her shoulder without surgery. She is wearing something similar to a sling to keep her arm close to her body all the time, for a while until they are sure it is healing. Then she will go back to rehab.**

Nate Ferrel just got back from his 6 month check up at the Houston Mito Clinic. They received alot of good news while they were out there. They are making a few changes to his medicine routine, but all in it's looking like they are being able to successfully manage the disease at this time. He's such a funny little man, and Britt likes to follow him around Sunday afternoons as they contemplate what mischief they can get into next.

Grandmother has done really well with her shoulder, but I would ask you to keep remembering her in your prayers. She has had a bit of stomach trouble off and on in the past, but it appears some of the medicine that they were giving her to manage the pain and help with her shoulder have aggravated her stomach. She's having alot of the symptoms that my mother had a little over a year ago - she just doesn't feel much like eating and isn't very comfortable.

There are three new request I'm adding this week...

Bro. Allen and Sis. Lona Cook are some dear Primitive Baptist friends from West Texas. I met them several years ago through my grandparents. I have affectionately referred to them as my "God - grandparents" since they are old enough to be my grandparents and have been such a Godly encouragement. Brother Allen has always encouraged me to sit with the deacons and ministers at meetings and learn. Like my father and grandfather he always encouraged me to study and ask questions. I have learned alot from listening to him and Granddaddy discuss scripture. They made the very special effort to come all the way to Florida when Gary and I got married, which meant quite alot to me. Brother Allen is in the last stages of prostate and is in alot of pain. He is ready to go home, and while I know I will miss him; I would ask you to pray for comfort for Sister Lona and rest for Brother Allen.

Jon and Amanda Mizel just found out that they are expecting again, go here to read their story.

Finally if everything goes well in a few weeks Bro. Randy and Sis. Paula will be adopting a brand new baby boy. We would ask you all to pray for this dear couple who Gary and I admire so much. They are always an encouragement to others, offer good advise, and are just a joy to be around. They are wonderful parents and very much want a second child. We ask for your prayers in this matter.

Finally a note on us, Gary has had several interesting opportunities in the last month. First, we discovered that there was an internship with Bayer coming open in Florida that he was a perfect fit for that would provide him a good opportunity to fill the internship part of the program early, and might provide a permanent position next summer. Then, we attended a conference where Gary was able to interview with 9 different companies for more than 20 job openings. There were several positive experiences, and one that was very interested in Gary and conducted a second interview. Finally, there is a professor on campus who has been very impressed with Gary's work and due to his background would like to offer him a research assistance ship to determine the most cost-effective replacement for methyl bromide (and which gives the best coverage). This is something that Gary did a little of at Crop and would like to do more of, and would give him some very valuable and marketable skills in the strawberry industry after he graduates. The catch is that he would have to slightly change his degree from a Masters of Agribusiness to a Masters of Science in Agribusiness this means at the earliest he would be graduating in December and he would be required to write a thesis.

Like I said, we have had many exciting opportunities, and up until this point we've been pursuing all options. However, soon we are going to have to make a decision in which direction to go. We received word on Tuesday that Bayer had chosen someone else for their internship. (Gary thinks it's because they already had housing, and he had the baggage of a family, and the living accommodations really weren't set up for that.) So far we haven't heard much back from the job interviews, and may not for sometime. However, the decision about changing degrees will need to be made fairly quickly and if we go that route, Gary won't be able to look for or take full time work. He will be going to school full time, essentially be working full time doing the leg work for this research assistance ship, and writing a thesis in there some where. Gary is praying for clear guidance on which route to take, and we would like to ask that you continue to remember us.

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