Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had Halloween for the kids this weekend. Next weekend we plan to make the first school free eekend (or at least do as little homework as possible) since the semester started. We are going to the panhandle for the weekend to hear Bro. David Montgomery preach. We haven't been off to a meeting since the spring, and Gary feels like he needs to recharge his batteries a bit, so we are planning to take a small break before the bulk of his group projects are due between now and Thanksgiving. As result, we aren't sure how late it might be before we get back next Sunday, so we did Halloween this weekend.
First order of business was to find a pumpkin. Amber told us about a church down the road from them, that had a great little pumpkin patch set up, so off we went. Britt mostly wandered around looking at all the pumpkins and picking up mulch and leaves. He kept calling them "kin-kin." Meanwhile Ruth rode around in style and napped.

We had the most fun when Britt discovered the slide. We just sat there watching him over and over. He was just giggling. Made me grin in amazement at how such a simple thing could not only hold his attention for so long, but give him complete joy. We eventually had to tear him away so we could leave.

That afternoon while Gary napped we decorated. Sara put up the spider webs and Britt doesn't like the way they feel at all. Then after Lydia made baked pumpkin seeds , so and Britt played awhile. For my first attempt I think the pumpkin I carved turned out pretty well.
Sunday evening we met Amber and Jay and the kiddos up at the same Church for their Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat. Britt went as a cow and Ruth as a pumpkin. Abby was a bee, but because of her huge wings Britt kept insisting she was a butterfly. Emma informed me that she was Repunsilla but before long her beautiful long clip in braid fell out, and she decided that she didn't need it after all. Nate went as a gator and Britt kept randomly pointing to him and saying "ga ga" and clapping which is his rendition of "Go Gators"Several people just ohhed and ahhed over Ruth, but she was oblivious and napped through the entire experience. Britt on the other hand enjoyed mooing at everyone when they asked him if he was a cow. At first, he didn't want to get to close and Gary got candy out for him, but before long he figured that he wanted the brightest colored pieces as a result we don't have many snickers but we have tons of laffy taffies now. He quiet forgot his manners though, as he failed to thank anyone for candy.They also had a little petting zoo there. Britt liked the sheep best of all and walked right up to it and patted it and kept saying "Baa." They also had a couple of rabbits, some goats, and three chickens. After the petting zoo Britt played on the playground for a little bit before we headed home. He was ready to head home after that, as he was one hot little cow in that well insulated outfit. We had a great time!

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His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

You sure do have a cute little cow and "kin-kin"