Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Months With Ruth


Today you are two months old. Daddy has had to work hard to stretch those diapers around you over the last week, we are wondering if you will be over 12 lbs at your next doctor's appointment on the 25th. As soon as we use up the last of the size 1 diapers that we have open, I suppose I will be swapping the others out for size 2 so that Daddy can stop complaining about how he thinks they are too tight. I haven't been able to tell that you are getting heavier, but you are definitely getting longer. Alot of your 0-3 month stuff has been packed up, because it just won't stretch enough to fasten. I've been putting off moving you up a size, but it won't be much longer, which is a pity, since you haven't even come close to wearing all the 0-3 stuff you have.

Your face has rounded out alot since you were born, and you are getting to be a cute little thing. Of course, about the time that I think you are starting to look a little cuter, like a little girl, you have lost even more of your hair. You don't have almost any left on top. I can't get a clip in bow in it any more. You still have a fair amount in the back, but you'll probably lose it too. I just hope it stays dark. We can definitely tell that your eyes are blue now, but they are so dark that we wonder if they might eventually turn green or brown. You still have super chubby checks that leaves Uncle Benji calling Britt and you - Chip and Chipette.

Your sleeping at night hasn't improved any over the last month. About 75% of the time we end up having to put you in the swing to sleep, because you wont stay down in the cradle. You are still waking up to eat once in the night and some nights we manage to get you back in the cradle afterward, but most nights you end up sleeping on my chest or back in the swing if you are too fussy. During the day you sleep fine in your bed, or on our bed (you seem to like a real mattress better), or even in the floor. I have no idea why you won't do the same at night.

You are smiling a bit more, though you are still pretty stingy with the smiles. I can't seem to get a picture of you smiling. You smile at Daddy most, and at Britt alot, but all you want to do when I have you is eat, so I've yet to get a smile. You are getting very good at lifting your head and even part of your chest off of the floor when you are on your stomach. You are a good listener now too. You turn when you hear Daddy come in from school. And as Britt speaks the language that only he understands and dances around the room, your eyes follow him and you look like you are studying him very intently. You also get upset when we all go to the table to eat supper if you aren't brought along to sit next to the table in your car seat. You spend dinner turning your head back and forth between all of us when we are talking.

We love you,

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