Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Lane

If you are here local, and want to see a great deal of Christmas lights for absolutely nothing, you should make the trip over to Christmas Lane anytime before New Years. Gary and I went Sunday evening and were impressed with everything.
Mr. Lane, one of the farmers that buys from Gary's company, spends a great deal of time each and every year going all out with their home for Christmas. They have collected a great deal of lights, mechanized pieces, and decorations over the years, and they set up their entire front and yard. There is a great deal of parking set up in the field next to the house, and they have local police for safety. It's a great little place to go and carry the kids and walk around.
They sell cotton candy, hot chocolate, and that sort of stuff for $1 a piece and take donations to help with the light bill. Gary and I just enjoyed walking around and watching everyone else. Lots of families seem to go in their Christmas pjs, which I personally found to be a little weird. They have a little train set up for small children, and a wish pond where all the money goes to a local children's hospital. It's really quite nice and you should go if you get a chance...

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sweet tooth said...

OH how cool I wish I could go
that looks like a lot of fun!