Thursday, April 03, 2008

Grandma's Wedding

First let me clarify that we are in the process of moving this week, not that we have moved. Infact, I hoping to shortly go and steal the Abernathy girls and be an evil slave driver for the next several hours. hahahaha.

Anyway, the entire reason that we had to be in Alabama last week, was so that the 6 of us (now 8) could drive up to Tennessee for my grandmother's wedding. Grandma is 62 and she's been without Grandpa for about 4 years or so now. I'm not sure when she met Billy, but the family got to met him at Labor Day and I met him when I was up for Thanksgiving. Saturday was the wedding.
(This is me with the receiving/guest book.)
Billy seems to make Grandma very happy, and while he'll never be Grandpa to us older grandkids, we are happy for her. Grandma is a little odd, she has a odd sense of humor and odd ways of doing things, that just makes her enduring. We always blame it on the fact that she's a Yankee. One summer I went up to Elgin, IL with her and Rachel and all of her cousins are just like that too, so I guess it's in the water. :)
(This is my brother Matthew, with his girlfriend Kat.)
We had a great trip up, Gary and I had to drive separately since there wasn't room for all of us in the van, so we got a chance to visit. It was great to spend the afternoon with most of my cousins, and all of my aunts and uncles. Rutherford Church was completely packed for the wedding, and everything went well. Except for this one thing...
(This is me with the evil cd player.)
The night before Daddy and I sat down and planned out the music, we tried out the cde player, and confident that everything would go smoothly loaded up the car. When we got to the Church, we unloaded it all, hooked it up, programmed the play list, and tried it out again. Everything was still working fine. Then the wedding started and disaster struck. It played the first song but wouldn't continue on. So infront of a million, bagillion people I had to get up and hit the play button. It played one more song and then quit, and would not be revived. Daddy had to come to the front and make an announcement that this might be the first ever silent wedding that anyone had been too, then he went back and walked Grandma down the aisle. Wouldn't you know that the music kicked on half way downt the aisle and then wouldn't quit. I know that people always say that something is going to go wrong, but shesh did it have to be that Danielle couldn't make the music work.
(This is me and Gary afterwards.)
Other than that everything was great, and Grandma and Billy seem to be very happy together. We all ate supper together after the little reception, and had a great time visiting.
(This is my newest first cousin, Emily is almost a year old.)


Elizabeth said...

Well, I hate that you had to endure an evil cd player and the havoc it wreaked, but I'm glad your grandma's wedding went over nicely otherwise.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Poor Dani, at least it was a completely silent wedding like your dad thought. I am suprised Gary didn't get up and start lead singing! Ha Ha

strem said...

Sorry about the crazy CD player. Did you get a great picture of the happy couple? (And, I'm not talking about Gary and you!) :)