Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The wii has really been a great amount of fun. I'm glad Mother and Daddy got it for us for Christmas. Matthew was the first person to play it with us. Since then, the Abernathys and the Varnum boys have been over a few times to play. We even had the ability to carry it to the Florida Fellowship Meeting, to play at night with many friends. One of the great things about the wii, is that when you make a character, it's always there and pops up at all sorts of random times. For example, when Abel and Chloe were playing baseball against each other they, were very excited to see who they had for some of their teammates: Justin, Bethany, and Will played for Abel, while Brittany, Gary, and Laura played for Chloe. I enjoy getting to play with my far flung family and friends even when they aren't here.
So of course while Mother and Daddy were down we had them make miis and play the wii with us. It was alot of fun. Gary didn't think to pull the camera out till the end but we still got a few pictures of Mother and him.


Jeremy Sarber said...

Have any controllers been accidentally thrown across the room yet?

Dani said...

Let's see, my dad almost busted the celing fan, no damage, but it was too fun. Wish we had gotten that on film. He was jumping around all over the place, playing tennis.

Abel throw his yesterday while batting. But he's not big enough to damage anything.

Gary always looks like he is going to bust the tv when he's bowling, but it hasn't happened yet.

Owl of the Desert said...

That is hilarious. How fun! Glad to know I can be there in "spirit" if not there in the flesh. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!