Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Special Moment

There are little endearing moments that I get dispersed through out each day, that make me love my husband all the more. I thought I would share a particularly funny one tonight, while it's on my mind.

For those who don't know, Gary leads singing. I'm not sure if I would say that through it he has the gift of exhorting, but I'd say he's close. He loves to sing and he really does have a gift to lead and make you feel the song. He sings churchy stuff all the time, cooking, in the shower, in the car, and in his sleep. Yes, you read correctly he sings in his sleep.

Sometimes when my exhausted hubby gets home, after supper, when I'm trying to get a few extra hours in. I hop on the bed with the laptop and turn on some music, and he hops on the bed and takes a nap. He has done this before with various country artists, rolled over sorta awake and sung a line and dropped right back off. But tonight, I have on a cd with instrumental church songs, no words, and he in mid-snore, he hums a bar of "Amazing Grace" sings a few of the words, then procedes to snore the next bar as if he were humming. I promise you I am not making this stuff up. Moments like this make you want a video camera.

It made me smile, and thank God for the good man he's given me.


Anonymous said...

Just one more comment and I'll quit. I noticed that your post is time stamped 1:27 AM. While it is cute That Brother Gary can sing in his sleep, I think it very unfair of you ladies to do this sort of things to us men. I'm talking about staying awake until after we drift off to sleep. I am reminded that Sister Bev. would wait until I was dosing off and ask me If she could buy a new pair of shoes or dress or something. I always said yes which I never remembered saying. The point is I am now in tharapy from sleep deprivation because I have this fear of going to sleep before her. Be aware Brother Gary of their Tactics. The only combat that you have is Snoring very loudly. This deterent will cause the dead to rise and leave the area. If you don't learn this defense you will end up in financial ruin.

Borrowed Dad

Jeremy Sarber said...

Now, that's funny. I know I've talked in my sleep but can't say I've ever sung. I don't know if I have that kind of talent (to sleep and sing at the same time).

Gary B. said...

I have the snoring down pat, just ask Danielle.