Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Good Times

It sure was good to go home for a week, but this will be my last post on the happenings of my fellow Alabamians for a bit. The best part about being at home was that on Wednesday, Mother took a day off from school and we hung out all day long. Mother and I have never been particularly close. I get more comfortable asking her questions and talking about things the older I get. But she and I just aren't deep. All of my Churchy, phillosophical questions and the like tend to go to Daddy.

It was really great to spend the day with Mother, like I said, it was my favorite part. True to form, we didn't do anything particularly deep or exciting. We ran errands, picked up all of my doctors records, ate lunch, and did a little shopping. I got several cool shirts, as an early birthday present, but we just had a good time together, talking about everyday normal stuff.

The only other thing of note that we did, was on Sunday we went to Church at Mt. Olive, in Cullman, where Bro. David Guttrey is pastor. It was great to get to visit with all of my dear friends there. Some of my earliest Churchy memories, are of going to special meetings with Daddy and Granddaddy there when the Mazada was still Grandmother and Granddaddy's car. (Many, many moons again, before the poor car had to endure the four of us learning how to drive.) He had a great sermon, one that he only managed to get half way through, he said he'd try to finish it this Sunday. I sure would like to have heard the end of it.


Kelly Spezzano said...

I am so jealous that you got to hear Brother David! He is one of my favorites! :)

That's good that you got to spend that one on one time with your mom. I went through times where my mom and I weren't that close, but the older I get, too, I realize how much easier it is to talk with her. And she has become one of my best friends!

strem said...

So glad you had some time with your mom... and I pray those special, close times become more abundant through the years.