Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays

The last thing we did, when Gary got off of work on Friday, was that we all traveled over to St. Pete to see a Rays' game. Somehow, we got marvelous tickets. Gary and I were sitting on the 5th row, behind the White Sox dugout. Then Mother and Daddy were sitting a few more rows backs. At the 7th inning several folks left, so they moved down to the row in front of us for the rest of the game.

Isn't this little girl a darling. I didn't catch how old they said she was, but this was her first baseball game. Her dress looks like a baseball, and though this picture doesn't show it, she has the White Soxs emblem over her heart. She was such a doll. Daddy bought a new camera right before Grandma's wedding, and the zoom on it is amazing. Just look at these great shots! Infact the second pic here, is of Gary's cousin, who plays for the Rays all the way out in right field.

The final score was 9 to 2, White Soxs. That made Gary sad, but I didn't mind. It was a fun game to watch, sides it was nice to go with my folks.

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