Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anna Maria Island

Friday, after being pretty lazy and talking all morning, we got up and headed to the beach.

After a forever long trek we ended up at Anna Maria Island. The beach that Gary suggested as being not so touristy. It was pretty quiet and very pretty. Since we were on the North side of the beach, we had some shade which was nice In the next, two pictures you can see down town Tampa, and the bridge to St. Pete.

Here's Daddy and Mother in the water. Mother didn't go too far, as it's still too cool for her. If you'll notice, way back there in the shade, that's me, in bluejeans, wrapped up in a blanket.

Finally, here is one cool bird. Daddy filmed him for a while, because we had never seen anything like him. (Excepting the day before at Busch Gardens) Gary called him a water turkey. He's some sort of duck, that swims underwater, not just dunks under, but swims underwater to catch minnows and little fish.


amber said...

Anna Maria Island is the beach we used to go to as kids all the time. It must be a family thing. I mean, why must anyone drive 2 hours to the beach when you have a great one an hour away? Tradition, I guess. Glad you all had a great time.

Anonymous said...

It looks so peaceful.

Little Lady