Monday, April 28, 2008

Prayer Request

The List has been updated once again. A few notes...

Parker Allen is continuing to slowly improve. Please keep this family in your prayers. I received an email from my mother this weekend to let me know that they have set up a website to keep everyone posted. The faith of the family should remind us all of what's important and who it is that hears our prayers and has the power to answer them. Check it out here.

Aunt Joanna's father's name is Fred, so he is now on the list as Bro. Fred. I have not heard any updates, but I do know that she left to go up to Georgia to be with them yesterday afternoon.

Bro. Hazen White was the brother that fell and broke his leg. He is about to be 98. I am waiting for an email from my dad or grandmother as to his status. Please continue to remember him.

Nathan Ferrel seems to be impoving, go and check out his mother's blogspot here.

Finally, thanks for the prayers for the meeting. We had a great time, and will be posting more about it soon. However, it will suffice to say, it was the best meeting I've been too in a really long time, and most everyone seemed to agree, also all of the Little Union people made it home safe and sound.

***Updated 4/29***
Bro. Hazen White has had surgery and will be in rehab for the next two or three weeks. They are unsure whether he will be returning home, going into assisted living, or a nursing home.

I want to say an extra special thanks to everyone that has been praying for my uncle, he has found a new job and will be starting June 1.

Bro. Fred has Mylowdisplasia a bone marrow disease, which could progress into luekemia. Please keep them in your prayers. Aunt Joanna might be home this weekend or next, we'll have to see.

I have also added Baby Kent. After talking to Blaire some this weekend I found out that one of her cousins just had her baby early and he has a heart defect. Kent was transferred from Huntsville Hospital to Vanderbilt University Hospital yesterday. The doctors plan to do open-heart surgery on him before the end of the week to try and patch the ventricular septal defect. They plan to follow this up with a cardiac catheterization to see if there is any more they can do. However, they said that even with the surgery, they expect Kent to have a maximum lifespan of 2-3 years. We know that our Lord can bless their efforts and give him a long life. Whatever the outcome please be in prayer for this family.

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