Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcoming Abby!

I have a great friend from singing school, she isn't PB but she is a very Godly minded person, and if I'm not mistaken, she's homeschooled. Her name is Abby and she has a new website, that if you have a few minutes to check out and leave her thoughts or sign her questbook, I'm sure she would greatly appreciate it.

Her most recent post is about a startling trend. California has just in effect made it illegal to homeschool if the parent doing the homeschooling is not a certified teacher. Please go check it out.


Jeremy Sarber said...

I've read about this and I think it's terrible.

Anonymous said...

I visited OUR (your) new friend Abby. I knew she would be a kindred spirit if she were your friend. I am amazed that California would have parrents to be certified to be a teacher of their own children. I think I can accept that if I were to be a teacher of someone elses children that they would want me to be certified. I think God certified me and commanded me to teach my children. Never the less just like the rest of you and Kelly's blogger friends I am impressed with Abby. Thanks for the referal.

Borrowed Dad

strem said...

Thanks for introducing us to Abby. It has been great to read her interesting posts.