Friday, March 14, 2008

33 Miles

So I've heard a couple of songs recently that have caught my attention. They both happen to be by a realitively new band called 33 miles. They are out of Franklin, Tennessee and seek to be edifying to the whole church not merely a specific age group. Several of you happy readers will like them better than 3rd Day and MercyMe as they are a much more acustic/guitar group, not so rock -ish sounding.

The two songs are "Thank You" and "What Could Be Better" and you can hear them both here.

I like "Thank You" because it is a great way of saying how many of us really start the day with a prayer, and continue that mentality throughout the day, not just to bug God like 3 year olds do with there parents, can we have this, will you fix that; BUT also to say "Thank YOU!" for everything.

"What Could Be Better" is pretty simple as well, it just says what could possibly be better than seeing Jesus face to face? Personally I can't imagine anything could be better than that, and I can't wait what about you?


Elizabeth said...

I've heard of the group - they play them on the local station pretty regularly, especially "There is God"

I like some of their stuff, but I think they sound just like everyone else in CCM right now. The lyrics are good though.

strem said...

I haven't been able to hear them on here, but I hope to hear them soon. Thanks for suggesting this music. I always love hearing about groups and singers that others like.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Well, you are right that they aren't as rock-ish sounding, but it sounds pretty good. I will have to listen a couple more times to see if I really like it! :)

Thanks for the info!

Jeremy Sarber said...

I'll have to give them a listen. I'm always looking for new (good) music.