Friday, March 07, 2008

What's This Country Coming To?

Someone please tell me what politics is coming to in this country? A new chapter in the Hillary vs. Obama fight for the nomination has been brough to my attention. Superdelegates are famous people (ex-presidents, sentors, etc) that are allowed to vote for the Democratic nomination and by casting their support one way or the other, can help influence the common vote. Due to affirmative action Obama as a black man will get anyway from half to all of the superdelegate votes that have not already been pledged. Hillary on the other hand wants at least 23 of the votes that have not already been pledged because she is a woman and women are paid on average 23 cents per dollar less than men.

Apparently the candidates are now taking rules orginially passed with the intention of protecting a group of people (not I used the word intention here, I do not believe that Affirmative Action or the modern version of Women's Rights are remotely helpful) and are using them to prevert the will of roughly half of the American people. For more see here...

Whatever happened to the concept first of statesmen? Not professional politicians but statesmen. I think that perhaps Stephan A. Douglas was one of the last. Do you know what happened when he lost the race for President to Abraham Lincoln on November 6, 1860. He spent the remaining 7 months till his death on June 6, 1861, traveling all over the South in an attempt to convince the states that session wasn't the answer. He made alot of pragmatic decisions, while trying to be everything to everyone, but in the end, he worked himself to death in an attempt to save the Union, not caring that it was going to be the end of his political career. That's the difference in a statesman and a politician, one does what is right, what is best for his country, and the other only does what will get him into and keep him in office.

Now, I don't believe that this country is or should be a democracy, however, without true statesmen I don't believe that a republic will (or perhaps even should) long endure. This country was founded as a Republic. One that would take into consideration the peoples wishes and ideas, but be governed by a knowledgable and ultimately responsible elite. Those who could and would take the time to be informed on all issues and to act on issues in the way that was moral right and of greatest benifit to this country. Those men (and occasionally their influential and outspoken wives) were not by any means in agreement on all the issues, but it was a different mindset. This was put into place, because it was easy to see that democracy will lead to mob rule without checks just as an elite few ruling can quickly turn into a dictatorship of the rich and powerful. This was done because it was understood that for the most part the people would not or could not make good decisions because they were not informed. Let's be brutally honest, do we take the time to indepthly explore all the issues and come to a decision based on what is right and what is best for this country?

However, if we are going to follow democratic tendancies in this country (little d means type of government as opposed to big D being a party) the people should be allowed their choice. That means not thwarting their opinion by rediculous laws like affirmative action. All affirmative action is today, had has been for several decades now, is reverse descrimination. You have two kids equal in all respects trying to get into college, who do you take the white kid or the black. Colleges will take the black, because they are required to fullfil a racial quota. I believe that women and men in the workplace who do equal work should receive equal pay; however, my question becomes if their quality of work is equal. I don't care what gender, race, or anything else you are you desire to be rewarded based on your merits, not your condition.

My father taught me that work ethic was important. No matter how I was being treated, how much I was being paid, who my boss was, that whatever job I had I was to do to the very best of my ability, because my contract wasn't based on those other things, it was agreed that I would fullfil all of these requirements and be paid x amount. The role of President is no different. You present your merits to the people, and they make a decision hopefully based on what is morally right, and what is best for this country. They won't all agree, but when it's over you play by the rules.

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Anonymous said...

Applaud, Applaud, Applaud, Clap, Clap, Clap. Standing Ovation, Standing Ovation. I'm saluting the flag and singing God Bless America...... Not only are you pretty and cute but smart too. I Amen all you said. The thought came to my mind and I don't have the exact book chapter and verse but ungodly kings are a judgement on the people for their ungodlyness. How long, we as a nation enjoyed and continue to enjoy the blessings of the Lord because our fore fathers based this country on godly values but the peoples ungodlyness is catching up with them. You know and believe as I do in the depravity of man, but we struggle with the children of God that are being duped daily by the deception prevailed against them. I once heared it said that you are only as knowledgable as the information that you are fed. So much of the time we are fed very little truth and a whole lot of lies. Our only conselation is as your daddy taught you, and that is for all of us to do the best you can and be the best you can and admonish each other as you see the day approaching and calling evil what it is and pray, pray, pray. I love your insite.

Borrowed Dad