Thursday, March 20, 2008

Prayer Request

For any of you that haven't been reading the Ferrel's blog, I highly recommend it. Nathan seems to be steadily improving, and though they don't know what is going on with him, the good news is that the Lord can fix it even if we don't have a clue.
Parker's condition has improved. Over the last few days Parker has been struggling, and trying to wake up. They have been in contact with several rehab centers. The only one willing to take him at this time is Spain in Atlanta. They will have a space for him starting April 1. He can stay there for only four weeks unless he wakes up during that time period. They will be teaching the Allen's how to do therapy at home. If he wakes up during that 4week period then he will stay at Spain. If not he will come home for them todo therapy until he does wake up. The following is the last email that we have had from the Allen's.
"We would like to thank all who have expressed concern for our son Parker during the past 2 weeks. We cannot begin to tell you how much the prayers, gifts, cards, and phone calls have meant to us in this most difficult time. Parker has made alot of steady progress since his accident on March 3rd. His primary injuries consist of severe brain trauma, collapsed right lung, and fractured left femur. He is now off the ventilator most of the time and is breathing on his own. The main concern now are the brain injuries. Now more than ever, we need your prayers for his healing. We also need continued prayer for our family during this time. Again, words can't begin to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you.
God Bless You, Stuart, Roslyn, and Hunter Allen"

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strem said...

I have definitely continued to pray. Thanks for keeping us posted.