Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I haven't posted in sometime other than the prayer request, because other than being sick, there really hasn't been much going on. However, today something exciting came in the mail, a big box of cds that I ordered.

We recently had to buy a new computer. The old one finally took all the stress it could take, and will no longer manage all the programs that I need it to for work. One of the more annoying things that it did in it's last few months of life, is that it got into a fight with my itunes while looking for more space, and deleted one of the folders. Leaving me with alot of music that had to be completely reloaded. The one minor problem is that I had a number of cds that friends had loaded on for me to check out, or that I loaded on to it that actually belonged to my brothers. My thinking was that if I actually liked the stuff I would eventually get around to buying the cds, and if not I just deleted it off. In reality, I haven't managed to buy that many of the cds, and now I'm almost musicless.

The biggest loss was that it erased most of my Contempory Christian, which in my experience is harder to find on cds in stores. The best of that stuff was pretty much every cd that Third Day put out. I orginally got all of these from my dear friend (who is no longer South of me) when I first started listening to some of this type of music. Happily I ordered them all (at a discounted rate) from their website last week and they arrived today. The one downer, I couldn't order Southern Tracks, because it was a limited release in 1999. Maybe I need to borrow it... :)

On another note, I was able to see MercyMe in concert on Saturday night at the Strawberry Festival, it was pretty amazing. They even sang So Long Self (you know the one from the previous post.)


Jeremy Sarber said...

That's the worst. I actually had this happen to me before (lost a lot of music) so now I not only have every piece of music on my computer, but I also have mp3-CD backups. All of my store-bought CDs get thrown into a box after I've ripped them onto my computer.

Owl of the Desert said...

That really stinks! So glad you were able to find the Third Day cds you wanted. I get made fun of for all my "old school" Christian music, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. Twila Paris is in my cd player right now. I LOVE it. And, I'm jealous that you got to see Mercy Me! I love their new song, So Long Self, too.