Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Giraffe and Ruth

You just woke up and there is a giraffe in your yard.  What do you do?

"I woke up at a full moon, and I goed out in my yard.  When I goed out in my yard I found a giraffe.  I got some lettuce and leaves out and feeded it.  Her liked it.  It was yummy for a giraffe, but it was yucky for me.  I looked at the giraffe, to figure out a name.  I picked Sparkles for her name.  For her nickname, I picked Twinkle.  Me and Twinkle played I spy, but Twinkle didn't like that game, so she picked a different game.  She wanted to play tag.  And she won, because with her long neck she stretched it out and touched me. Then we played tag with our eyes closed.  And I won.  Then we were getting tired, so the giraffe goed on the roof, to sleep.  She couldn't fit in the house, even with the big doors open because her long neck, was too long. I opened the little doors and got back in my bed.  The next morning I woke up and the giraffe was planting a tree.  She held the water bucket with her mouth, then the tree with her mouth, and then covered it up with her feet.  Three more days later, the tree grew big enough for the giraffe to eat it.  After that the giraffe leaved, because giraffes can't stay for Christmas.  They would get too cold. The End."

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