Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Trip to Seaworld

Last week I went to Sea World.  There was a show of dolphins.  And the dolphins did tricks.  I liked when they were riding on the dolphins.  It was my and Rebecca's favorite show.  I asked to kiss one at the end and they laughed.  Britt wants to be the prince that rides on the dolphin, when he is grown up.  Momma told him he had to learn to swim really well.  It was fun watching the Killer Whales do them big splashes.  That was Britt's favorite show.  We went to a sea lion show too.  A boy in the sea lion show, and he threw his trash coke can in the water, and a little otter got it out.  He talked and complained and said, he went right past the recycling!  And we went to a fake Antarctica.  And when it was raining, me and Britt said, "For the first time ever, Antarctica is melting!"

And after the melting rain stopped, we goed and buyed some stuff.   I got a pink dolphin holding on to a big lollipop.  I also got a glowing penguin key chain.  When I grow up I'm going to put it on my keys.  So just incase we have a black out, I have a penguin that glows.  And I got seahorse earrings.  Most important, I got cotton candy.  Rebecca got an orca necklace and squeeky orca that she named Shamu.  Britt got an aligator tooth necklace and I helped him buy a baby polar bear.

Picture taken by Ruth

We also stayed at a hotel where we went swimming and we slept.  And there was a hot tub.  And we goed to Memaw's house and played there a few nights after that.  And we borrowed two of her movies. The end.

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