Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Baby Dragon

Write a story called "The Baby Dragon."

Once upon a time in a little forest there was a little dragon walking through the forest.  And he saw two little boys, Britt and Christopher.  They were walking till Britt yelled "Wow," and stopped suddenly falling over, because the dragon was holding on to his leg.

Christopher said, "It looks like you've got a dragon."

They kept walking with the dragon hanging on to his leg when they saw a beautiful girl, named Evelyn.  They asked Evelyn if she wanted to explore the forest with them.  And she said yes.  It was a fun day, but Britt and Christopher decided it was time to take the baby dragon home.  So they all agreed to find the baby dragon's home.  They didn't realize that they were lost, and very hungry.  They still didn't find the baby dragon's mom.  They decided to call the dragon Skippy, because he liked to skip alot.  All of a sudden they ran into the momma dragon.  They heard a sound like this aaahooooooo.  They knew it was something, that they were being watched.  They saw wolves!  They ran and ran up the mountain into a cave that was the dragon's home.  She breathed fire and burned some of the wolves.  The other two others ran away.  The momma dragon gave them a lift home, because they brought back her dragon baby.

Then after supper Evelyn and Britt married that night.  The End.

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