Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My party luau feast

If you could cook any meal for your family what would it be?

It would be a supper feast, and we'd invite our friends to it:  Sebastian's family would come, all the people on my Gratz Grizzle team except that one person that was mean to everyone on our team, and Miles and Trey and everyone on my team here in Florida, and Zane and Cheris and their family, and Steve and his family, plus Grumps and Ahna, and Memaw and Mister.  This will be a party to show my friends how much I like them.  So, the table will have a gold cloth, with a red heart on it.  There will be gold hearts everywhere.  There will be roses at the middle of the table, and we will have supper with the two big candles on the table, and turn off the lights.  There will be bowls of water with beads in them and flower candles.  We'll make special lights to look like their are sharks swimming around us, and fish and turtles and stuff.

We would have ribs, meatballs, chicken and turkey.  There's lettuce and things like croutons and bacon bites for salads.  We'll have the dinosaur bread with special oil and herbs.  We'd have muscles and noodles.  There would be green beans and broccoli, and you could put ranch on them if you wanted too.  There would be macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw.  There would be crackers and noodle soup.  We'd also have Cheetos, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, and Momma's favorite kind.  For drinks there would be apple juice boxes, Coke bottles, Dr. Pepper bottles, water bottles, Orange coke, fruit punch, Yoohoos, chocolate milk, and white milk.  Then for desert we'd have ice cream, chips (every single kind), chocolate bars, smarties, and honey and marshmallows, and cotton candy, and popcorn (all kinds), and a chocolate fountain.  Last but not least there would be a love cake that was chocolate and vanilla.  There'd be something for everybody, and there would be lots of left overs.

After the food there would be a disco party, in the living room.  There would be dancing and music and lights and all of that.  Everyone could do their own dances, and if they didn't want to dance, they wouldn't have to.  Next, in my room, people would get to watch tv if they wanted too.  Then in the same room, they could play some Nintendo games.  The best part is that they all would get to sleep over 7 nights.  Alot of them brought their tents too, so that we could have a camp out.  It would be the best party ever.  The End.  By Britt.

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