Thursday, September 15, 2016

My School

The biggest surprise this school year has been Rebecca.  I found a couple of early, early preschool books in my stash, so I set them aside for Rebecca.  Just in case I needed something to entertain her while the others worked on school.  In the past she's showed no interest.  For a while now, I've started school right after lunch while she takes a nap.  When she's not napping, she's been thrilled to have all the toys to herself.  The first week the kids started back, I pulled them out when she asked.  She kinda piddled with one but didn't seem to like it.  So I was really surprised about 2 weeks later, when she asked to do school too.  Ever since, she has begged to do school, even on days we aren't planning anything or planning to go somewhere.  She's really upset if the others start school without her.  Or if she doesn't get to do school.  This week she has completed the little number book I had, and is almost half way through the letter book.  Another surprise has been what I've discovered that she already knows.  She doesn't know any of her letter names, but she seems to know about half of their sounds.  And for a 3.5 year old, I'm shocked by how well she holds a pencil and traces and then draws the letters or numbers that she's working on.  Apparently we are going to need to call this year Preschool, and I'm going to need to find her something, since I had no plans to do any school with her this year.

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