Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Britt's Cook Out

I want to learn how to cook.  So I asked Daddy if I could be his supper helper, and he said yes.  First, Momma and I measured stuff.  I squirted all the lemon juice in to marinate the chicken.  Then I stirred it and we put in the next ingredient.  Then I stirred it again and put in the next ingredient.  Then I stirred it again.  I stirred it three times with a fork.  Then when Daddy came home, we started cooking it.  First I picked out what would go with the chicken.  I picked some cream corn.  I used the can opener, to turn, turn, turn.  Daddy helped me hold the opener.  Then we made a salad, and Daddy cut up the eggs, and I put them on there.  I like to call myself Chef Britt.  Then I went out and flipped the chicken on the other side.  After a while it cooked, then I used the tongs to pick them up.  I put the chicken on the plate.  Then Daddy cut the chicken up.  Then servant Ruth served the plates, and waitress Rebecca served the forks.  And then we all ate supper.  I loved cooking.  It was fun.
-made by Chef Britt

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