Friday, February 28, 2014

Rebecca's 1st Birthday Party

Rebecca had a great birthday, last Saturday.  I thought I would share a photo or two and some video of her eating cake.  We skyped and facetimed the grandparents, and while it's better than nothing, and it's great that we can do these things, with all the new amazing technology.  I sure did miss getting through a big party.  I was day dreaming about how much fun we would have had back in Florida, with a cook out, kids running around the yard, and every body we know from Church hanging out for several hours that afternoon.

Anyway, she didn't know the difference, and I did a few things to make it special.  We had a family field trip that morning, and I decorated the kitchen for her birthday.  I had trouble finding owl stuff, the really cute ones I found on line were back ordered, so I found some little birdies in pink and teal.  She loved the attention.  The best part, I didn't even get on camera, was when they sung Happy Birthday to her at Red Lobster.  She bounced and clapped, and grinned and everyone.  Then of course she tried to grab the candle.  Gary thought she might be one that would, and he was right.  She is still enjoying playing with the balloon, when she can fight it away from the other two.

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