Friday, February 14, 2014

My Letter to Ruth

Happy Valentine's Ruth,

Daddy loves you.  You are 3 and 1/2 today, but you seem almost older than that.  you are no longer dependent on diapers.  You are capable of eating with a fork, though you don't always.  You can get your clothes on and off without assistance.  In many ways you've become very self sufficient in this very short year.

Britt and you seem to be just as close if not closer than you were last year.  You continue to play well together, and you seem to be right with Britt in school.  And now that Rebecca is getting older and more mobile, you try very hard to include her in your games and theatrics.  You get to be the big sister now, a role you seem to enjoy.  This past month you've started going to a local homeschool co-op, every other Friday you get together.  Momma says you are doing very and well fitting it.  It doesn't surprise me, as you play well with others and know no strangers.

In other areas you do still seem young.  You still need Monkey WAY too much.  We've started limiting you on where all he can go, because you lose him, and we have to frantically search, as no other monkey or toy can compare.  You still like to suck your thumb like a "Ba-by" which you hate to be called.  Part of that is monkeys fault though, it's a reflex when you have him.  One more reason we are beginning to limit him.  Getting you to eat an entire meal is a real struggle.  I know your hungry but forcing you to sit down and actually swallow food is frustrating.

Things we need to work on this year are not whining, getting better at picking up and cleaning up, and we are going to start doing more little task.  You have some like putting away dishes after you finish eating, but Britt really does most of the chores.  We also hope to do more school and projects with you.

You tend to have a very loving and happy personality.  You enjoy playing and being with others, not just Britt, but kids at Church.  You have an eagerness to learn and figure things out.  Your favorite saying is "in just a second."  You are a bit too demanding at times, especially when you want a cup.  The bad thing, is that you demand it, take a swig or two and then leave it.  I guess you weren't dying of thirst after all.  You want to do everything Britt does - play in the bathtub, sleep in the same bed, fight swords, dress up as superheros at the same time, but you tend to have a much more calm demeanor than he does.  He runs head long straight forward into life, and you tend to be more go with the flow.

In that line of thought, what I hope to help you learn is to be content.  One of our main problems, or disciplinary concerns with you, is that you whine and complain alot.  Being content isn't something that you can learn overnight.  It is something that everyone struggles with, but with brothers and sisters you will learn sharing and a concern for others more quickly.  Contentment, to a certain degree is learning to put the needs of others ahead of yourself.  If Rebecca is playing with a certain toy, even if it is one of yours, it is always better to let her play with it, while you pick out another toy.  We have more toys than we know what to do with between you three, and I find it important that you learn to share with one another and play together without fighting.  I love the fact that you tend to be easy going and happy, but you sulk when something doesn't go your way, or when you lose in a game.  You can have a temper, and you need to learn to more content with having a good time with what you have, rather than what you don't.

I love you, Ruth, and want you to keep on smiling and laughing.  My prayer is that you grow to be a loving and caring lady.


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