Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Today we started learning about my favorite planet - Saturn.  Grumps and I are going to eat cacorn and watch it.  It is my favorite because it has all those rings made of ice.  Maybe the rings came from a moon that bumped into Saturn and it would be destroyed.  And now it makes all those beautiful rings.  It is a round ball of different kinds of gas.  The white clouds are made out of cleaner (ammonia clouds), and they have small great white spots that are storms like Jupiter's great red spot.  Saturn only has one really big moon - Titan. It is yellow like Io so I bet it has sulpher.  It also has two special moons - shepard moons.  They keep the rings together.  This guy found Saturn and thought it had ears.  He was wrong.  Someone else had "highscray telescope", that means a telescope that could see more far away, and found out that they were rings.

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