Friday, February 14, 2014

My Letter to Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

Momma is being her normal self, refusing to let me call you Becky J.  On a good note, Britt calls you Rebecky sometimes.  Which is funny, because Momma can't stand for you to be called anything but Rebecca.  But it is fun to call you Becky J, and RJ, and many other shorter versions of your name.  So, Rebecca, Happy Valentines Day, and happy one week early birthday.

It's been a year of lots of changes for our family and for you.  You being our first child to not be born in the South, so Britt would call you a "Ankee".  You were born in Feburary.  I got a job offer in March.  I started to work the first of April.  You all moved here the first of May.  Life has been changing all the time.  From your last post I wrote, you were just starting to have a real crawl, now you have progressed from speed crawling to standing up and walking.  You are now eating alot of table food.  It's great because you aren't a picky eater, and especially love fruits and veggies.  You seem to really enjoy noodles and grapes.  We've discovered that you are already better at this eating thing than Britt and Ruth.  You have started taking baths with the other two.  While they are playing in their own world, you are content to watch and listen to them, and maybe chew on a foam toy.  I can still wash your hair without you having a meltdown about water in your eyes unlike the others.  You still have a very contagious smile, and seem to light up when people make contact with you.  You seem to love to be picked up and held by anyone and everyone.  Also, to Momma's joy, you really love snuggling and cuddling.  You seem to be easy going and happy with most things in life.

You really enjoy following Britt and Ruth around.  You try to play with them often, even though they are much bigger than you.  Seems that they will run into the dining room playing, and you crawl off after them.  Or when Britt plays on his leap pad, and you try to sit in the middle of it to see what he's doing.  One of Britt's favorite toys that you like to play with is a retractable toy knife.  You like to wave it at him, and sword fight with him.  You with the dagger, and Britt (very careful) with the sword.  It seems the most animated you get is still with your bottle of formula.  When we mix it up, you bounce up and down, and it's really no surprise since your siblings were the same way.

Comparing you and your siblings, you seem to pick things up much faster.  Particularly crawling and walking.  You seem very good at feeding yourself, with actually very little mess.  You also seem to be able to entertain yourself for a time quietly in the bed or the floor.  Also you have a fondness for Kita.  You like to sit and stare at her, and you try to edge up as close as you can, right within licking range.  While, Kita's still not quiet sure what to do with you.  Some of the things that you are not as fast as the other two at this age.  You don't talk and communicate much.  The only time you really only communicate is when you are fussing wanting to be picked up, or if we aren't coming fast enough with a cup or bottle.

Each year, Momma forces me to pick out something that I want to teach you, some important character trait that I want to instill in you over time.  I hope to teach you to be gracious - as in giving and forgiving.  To have a giving spirit, is a wonderful gift.  It is something that I have to work at on a regular basis.  It isn't just poured into you, but something you have to cultivate.  To give of yourself, to be love and kind to others even when they aren't, to be an encouragement in times of distress, these are hard things, but
this is a trait that is God honoring, because we are serving and helping one another.  The second part of being gracious is also to be forgiving.  This is even harder to do, especially when someone has done something wrong to you, mistreated you.  You have two older siblings that in someways will be pushy, headstrong and it will be helpful in your life in your relationships with them to learn to be gracious.  However, this will also serve you in the rest of your life.

Happy Valentine's, Sweetheart.

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