Saturday, February 22, 2014

1 Year with Rebecca


I sit here typing, while trying to rock and hold you, humming our go to song when you are being pitiful, "When Sorrows Encompass Me Round".  I am astonished to think that you have been with us an entire year now.  You have such a open loving personality.  You prefer me, but aren't clingy the way Britt can be.  You are very happy, but have a fire about you that Ruth doesn't have.  Unlike the other two - one who is just like Daddy, and the other who is just like me in personality - you really are more of a blend of the two of us.  And yet of course, you are your own person.

You look up to see what Britt is up too, before burying you face back into my shoulder and sighing the way you've heard me do nearly every time we cuddle.  Then you pop that thumb back in your mouth find your taggie.  You are such a fun age now.  You can walk, but are still light enough to be carried.  You can entertain yourself or play with the other two, but still want to be cuddled.  You are finally done with breastfeeding and formula but aren't picky about what food you eat yet.  You aren't talking yet, but it's getting easier to figure out what you want, or don't.

It is amazing to me just how fast you have mastered walking.  In a week you have gone from falling about every 6 steps, to not falling at all.  You aren't moving that slow either.  You have sprouted 2 new teeth this month, and I think you may be working on more as you are rubbing your gums in the back alot and tugging at your ears again.  You are completely on milk in a sippy cup and table food now.  Though, I am using the last of the baby cereal to thicken applesauce in the mornings at breakfast, at least until we use the last of it up.  You continue to love all sorts of fruits and vegetables best, though you've started eating a little more meat.

I have packed up all of the 6-9 month clothes except for a few dresses, and that's only because we only have one long sleeve 9-12 month dress.  Surely it will warm up soon, all the cute outfits are summer time clothes, and I am sick of winter.  You seem to agree with me, as you make faces anytime we go out into the wind, and you weren't enthusiastic about your first time out in the snow last week.  I feel for you, since we aren't suppose to let you wear any kind of real coat in the carseat, moving between the car and buildings isn't exactly warm.  You remain in size 3 diapers, but they are starting to be a little more of a stretch around your belly.  When we finish the current mega box, I'll probably bump you up a size.  I'm curious to see what the doctors will say next week at your doctor's appointment.  I feel like you've really grown in the last two months though I think you are still short for your age, you seem to finally be putting on some weight.  Your hair sure has grown too, it will stay behind your ear now, and as long as you don't pull the clip out, it doesn't get in your eyes anymore.  I think I'll be waiting on that first haircut a while longer.  Your eye hasn't cleared up yet, so I expect that we will be getting a referal from the doctor as well.

You don't really talk, though you are very expressive with your actions.  I am always amazed at how you play with your siblings.  I know they say that babies can't play "with" others at this age, but you really do.  Britt and Ruth have pulled out the tools and are working on my furniture now, and you were reaching for them.  I sat you down, and you immediately went and found a tool and started "helping".  I see this alot, you grab the little knife when the others start to sword fight, or get your little combine to drive, when Britt or Ruth pull out something with wheels to drive.  If they all jump on Daddy to wrestle you waddle over and grab a leg.  I even noticed this week, Britt asked Ruth "Do you want to play with dinosaurs?" And you went to pick one out before she could decide and came back to Britt with it.  I think you understand alot, and always want to be a part of the action.  You like to sit and turn pages in books, but don't care for me reading too you.  You always act real impatient to get the page turned, like you are bored with the entire process.  It's the only thing that you don't care to do with the older two.

I have no idea when you wake up in the morning, since you are always playing quietly in your bed when we check on you, sometimes even when Daddy peaks in before 7.  Around 9 or 9:30 you start letting us know you are ready to get up, eat, and get out of the bed.  You take a long nap, usually going down around noon or one, and sleeping till 5:30 or 6.  Then you eat supper and want to spend most of the evening being held, before heading to bed anywhere between 8 and 10.  Our days are pretty routine other than Friday and Sunday.  Friday we spend in town running errands, and you nap while I wear you in the grocery store.  Occasionally like today, we will all venture into Harrisburg on Saturday. Sundays are harder because you don't nap well unless you are laying down in your bed, and we are gone all day.

We hope you keep your laid back personality and determination.  I really do think that you can do anything you put your mind too, if you pursue it.  But being able to go with the flow is something that your Daddy has the market on, that I don't.  If you can hang on to that trait, you'll find that you have alot more peace than your Momma has, that you can make adjustments and still get to where you want to go.  We love you so much, Little Bit, and can't wait to see where you go in life.  You are a blessing, and we pray only God's best for you.


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