Thursday, August 22, 2013

6 Months with Rebecca

Dear Becky, (oww, oww, stop hitting me Momma), I mean Dear Rebecca,

Today is your half birthday.  You have become so active in the last two months, especially.  You were crawling long before the other two, your brother Britt and sister Ruth.  Even though you haven't completely grasped the concept of crawling you are trying to, and of course you've had a weird crawl that works for you for nearly 2 months.  You do push ups with your hands and the tips of your toes all the time.

You seem to be really happy most of the time, and content to play on the floor.  You do have a bad habit of rolling up underneath my chair though.  Most of the time you have a big open face smile, like a little bird waiting to be fed by it's mother.  In fact, I found it funny the story that your mother related about getting your shots yesterday.  You were laughing and smiling at the nurses, and didn't even care that they pinned your legs down.  After the first shots, you had this look of complete betrayal, and only started crying when you saw them go for the second set of needles.

You are still a good nurser, but we have started supplementing a little this month with formula.  The few times we've given you formula, when you are ultra fussy, you turn into a different creature kinda like the Hulk.  You grab that bottle with a kung foo grip, and don't come up for air, until the bottle is empty.  When I try to take it away from you to give you a chance to breath, you get upset.  When I give it back, you bear hug it as if to prevent me from ever being able to take it away again.

You have really become alot more chattery, especially in the car seat.  You don't really cry or fuss, but you sure can make alot of racket.  I don't think you are actually making any sense, but are just proud to make racket like the rest of them.  You have lots of b, p, d, whatever consonant sounds according to Momma.  Sometimes you almost have a squeal, which as everyone knows, is not allowed in this house.  Daddy can't stand that!

You still have most of your hair, only having lost a little on the sides and back.  It still stands up most of the time, very uncontrollable.  It is so feathery and fluffy.  You are a little on the light size for weight and size, making it easier for Momma to carry you in that thing she wears.  You weighed 12 lbs and 7 oz yesterday, and were 25 inches long.  She tells me that you will stay in 3-6 month clothes at least one more month.

One thing I want to teach you, is to embody your middle name, to be joyful.  You seem to be very easy going and happy most of the time, except when you are hungry.  To me, to be joyful is something that is more than happy, but in any circumstance of life to still have a bright outlook.  Many things you can't control in life, or very few things, but your attitude and outlook in life can enable you to keep stressful and difficult moments in perspective.  Life often doesn't go as planned, even though Momma tries to plan EVERYTHING, but it isn't the end of the world.  Your Mother and Father and Brother and Sister love you and care for you, and we are there to help you to grow and get through it.

So happy point five birthday, love you Becky J (Momma stop throwing things at me), I love you Rebecca Joy!


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