Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tea Parties

Over the last few weeks while Momma and Britt clean the bathroom, and do other little chores upstairs.  Momma will let me and Ruth play together in our room in the floor.  She told Ruth to teach me all about how to play with our dolls and kitchen, but I think it's because if she doesn't give Ruth a job then she runs off and leaves me and I don't like that.  She sets us up, and then shuts us in, so that I don't get any ideas about falling down the stairs or getting into bathroom cabinets.

Ruth seems to take this job way too seriously though.  Just this week she fussed at me for spilling tea that I couldn't see.  I like it when she feeds me pretend baby food.  I'm very good at that game.  Sometimes she lets me hold the baby dolls, but she's kinda stingy with those things.  Britt is good at sharing with me, but Ruth not so much.  Sometimes Britt comes and plays with us after he is done cleaning.

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