Wednesday, November 06, 2013


First we got pumpkins.  We got them and bring them home.  We got four mules at Walmart (that would be thermals for the rest of us).  Me put them on at home under my Belle dress.  They keep you warm, warm, warm.  Momma took three pictures and then we went to eat supper.  We eat pizza!  Daddy had pizza that was bread all around (a calzone).  I wanted purple pizza, but they didn't have it.  Then I wanted pink and purple pizza, but someone ate it all, because no one had it.  Then we went to Halloween to get candy.

That picture of me trick or treating is a bad picture because me hurt my lip.  I fell down on the rocks, and me got hurt.  It bleed alot.  It very hurt.  It hurts when me do that (she's opening her mouth really wide to show me again).  My hands got dirty but not my dress.  That was really good.

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