Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My violin broke, at my birthday I want a new violin.  I mean my fiddle.  I like a fiddle because it has strings. And because it has a handle at the back so that you can hold it without dropping it and breaking it and messing up the strings.  I'm going to learn "A Smile on my Face."

I am going to get instruments at my birthday, and maybe some at Christmas.  I also want a guitar, like a dulcimer, one that you play laying down.  I think I would like a banjo too.  And maybe a co-net (clarinet) it's a whistle and it is black or maybe a trumpet.  Well, I can't play them all at once, so I'll keep them where no bad guys can get them, and I'll set one down when I get done, somewhere safe, and then get another one.

I play instruments and so does the guys on my music cd (that would be Alison Krauss and Union Station).  Grumps plays a guitar and he has a banjo.  I want him to play it for me, so I can see how it sounds, cause I don't have one.  He has the bestest banjo I've never seen.  Uncle Matthew plays a piano.  I like it because all you need is your fingers for it, and you don't even have to hold it.  Brother Jonathan has a guitar and a piano.

Maybe after I have enough birthdays to get all my instruments I will get a punching bag next like Captain America.

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