Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Sneaky One

This is going to be a sneaky one, because bad guys are trying to find us to take our money.  This one is going to be about dinosaurs, learning to read by yourself, and Happy Halloween.  First, dinosaurs.  I want to tell you about triceratops and T. Rex.  Triceratops has horns and T. Rex has claws.  T. Rex has sharp teeth and Triceratops has a frill.  Triceratops has a tail and T. Rex has a skinny back.  T. Rex is bipedal with two feet and Triceratops has four feet he walks on back feet and front feet, quadrupedal.  Brachiosaurus eats plants and he uses his tail like a whip.  Sometimes raptors like Deinonychus sneak up on him and eat him.  T. Rex's don't have gizzards, only plant eaters.

I'm learning to read by myself.  That means I can read all my books by myself.  I love Momma.  She is teaching me.  Thank you.  I'm learning by playing lots, and lots, and lots of games.  They came last week in a big box.  I also got a song I love in that box.  And some workbooks.  I started the first one today.  I played some games in it.  I cutted pictures out and glued them all by myself for the first time.  I also practiced writing my name, that's what it's called when you draw letters.  I did it four times.  Just B-r-i-t-t, Momma drew my last name too, but I told her it was too long, so she said we would practice it another time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for my game for learning to read by myself.  I love you Momma and Granddaddy that was a good game to get.

Also, thank you Mister for making me some gingerman cookies, I am going to come and eat them soon.  It is 2 weeks till Thanksgiving, and then 2 weeks to Christmas and then 2 weeks to see you and then 2 weeks till my birthday.  Thank you Memaw for getting me those oreo cookies when we went swimming at that hotel that time.  I forgot to say thank you.  I got lots of trick or treats for Happy Halloween, that's treats you can eat.  My favorite candy is the tootsie rolls.  I was Prince Phillip, but I left my sword at the house and forgot to carry it then I left my helmet behind at someone else's house.  I liked Happy Halloween, and it's my favorite holiday now.

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