Friday, August 30, 2013

Potty Training

So Ruth has been working on potty training.  For about a week and a half now.  Sometimes she acts interested sometimes not.  She got up on Tuesday morning, and I had no more daytime pull ups, so I told her it was time to be a big girl.  We pulled out the frog potty to carry downstairs, since we have no bathroom on the mail floor, and I knew there was no way she was going to be able to go upstairs at any speed.  She was excited.  First day of really working at it 2 accidents for the day.  Second and third day one accident.  Fourth day no accidents.  Fifth day, Daddy had her all day, and said she did alright (whatever that means).  I've got this covered I'm thinking.  WAY better, WAY easier than Britt.  We've got this about half way done!
Now I will confess to you, that I don't buy into the pump them full of liquids all day.  For one thing, I want them to actually eat something, and for another, I'm trying to figure out when they need to go regularly.  For Ruth that means 20 to 30 mins after she eats and drinks and then about every hour to hour and a half the rest of the day.  I am watching the clock, setting my timer, and telling her when to go.  If she can get this down, we'll start working on her telling me when she needs to go.
The biggest difference between her and Britt, is that she doesn't act like it is a MASSIVE inconvenience to stop and use the bathroom.  She on the other hand, sometime checks with me to see if it's time again.  The other night I was working on laundry and forgot that I had told her to go and sit on the potty.  And I will confess, she sat there like 20 minutes.  She didn't care, she was excited.  I came back through and asked her if she had gone yet, and she said, "Yes, me wait for my 'ticker."
Well that was up until Sunday which was a wash, I didn't expect it to go so well, since we were out of the house, long hours on the road to and from Church, lots of distractions.  However, I didn't expect her to not go ANY for me.  Monday she had 3 accidents.  Tuesday I lost count of how many panties we went through, she only went once on the potty.  On Tuesday she actually told me, "I busy, I come later." On a few other occasions, she made the circle through the room, and snuck off without actually stopping to go, only to wet herself 5 minutes later.  Let's just say, not quite the walk in the park I initially thought.
The only other draw back the girl insists that she can't pull up her panties and her cover.  She fusses about putting them on, and then she only pulls them up to her knees while insisting "They get stuck on my hiney!" Sometimes she tries that when she's getting them off, but that usually means that she wet them, and doesn't want to confess to it.  So for the time being, I'm doing a ton of laundry.  Some days are going pretty good, other days not so much.  She has earned half the stickers she needs for a big movie.  Most of the time a Hello Kitty sticker now, and the reminder that she can see a big movie soon, is enough to prod her along.  Hopefully by the time we get this chart full, we can start working on her telling me when she needs to go.

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